The project “MEW” is a Birmingham based performance and composition group anchored in electroacoustic music. On the basis, they aim to embody creative integration of arts that synapse into a wide range of forms of arts ranging jazz, media art and interactive art.


The three musicians from different musical backgrounds come down to the same purpose. Based on the variety of perspectives and experiences, they interpret music distinctively and creative in the way of approaching music with various materials like audio-visual, mixed improvisation.


Han, Minchang

Minchang Han is an electronic musician, music producer and sound designer is based in the United Kingdom and South Korea. 

Yeung, Tsun Winston

Tsun Winston Yeung is a composer, laptop improvisor, and sound designer. He currently lives in Birmingham where he is pursuing a PhD in Composition at the University of Birmingham with Scott Wilson. He is also a member of BEER (Birmingham ensemble for electroacoustic research), a laptop ensemble.

Park, Elsa Jaeyoung

Elsa Jae Young Park is a composer and performer based in Birmingham,
UK and South Korea. She is currently studying for contemporary classical music and electroacoustic music in University of Birmingham(MA) and focusing on making various genres from pop, Avant Garde and electronic music.