Unawakened Routine of a Salaryman (2017)

Composition | Arrangement | Editing | Recording | Sound Design

Worked on Logic Pro X

On this piece, I focus on organising a piece with patterned recorded files which are slightly transformed instead of using synthesisers and harmonic structure that I have used to use for composition.
Many friends around me who are working for companies make a small talk with how work life is stressful and hoping to have a great holiday to somewhere. This piece is aimed to represent their wailings.​

Unawakened Routine of a Salaryman is a piece about an employee who always starts a day with an ardent dream about having a great vacation to somewhere around the seaside; however, he lives dull routine without having time to plan for his fantasy.

The 'salaryman', the well-expressed word of this piece, is frequently used in the East Asian country as an 'employee' who has to obey and sacrifice for their company.​

Project : SoMac (2012) / -Emptied

Composition | Arrangement | Editing | Recording | Sound Design

- Track 01. 공(비워놓다) / 空(Emptied)

Worked on Logic Pro 9 & Protools 10

- Track. 02 ~ Track. 08 - Preview




Actual Track No.








봄처녀 난봉가



December in Seoul


여름의 얼



The cicada

Harvest song



Summer sprit

Hey ya!

Track. 02

Track. 03






Project: SoMac aimed to develop Korean music, which satisfies both appeal – popularity and originality– by researching Korean traditional music and popular music. I participated in all areas on this project from planning to producing and this process made me have a wide perspective towards music.


My own music ‘空-Emptied(left one)’, which was composed for Korean folk dance ‘Salpuri’, is telling about tragic love story under the four themes ‘Self pity - Serene dream - Chase- Vimutti (release)’.

Korean traditional music and Salpuri have similar structures[5]and the song was produced having views on this arrangement. Climax part, which is singing in Gu-em style singing on Dongsalpuri[2]rhythm, shows well the complex state of mind of the protagonist in urgent.

Audio editing techniques were used a lot on the music.

Project : N.O.W (2013)/ Return

Composition | Arrangement | Editing | Performance | Sound Design

Worked on Logic Pro 9

Project: N.O.W, which is on the extension of Project: SoMac[1], more concentrated on a creativity of Korean applied music(contemporary music)rather  than popularity by studying and reinterpreting Korean traditional music.

I took part in this project as a music/performance producer.


The overall structure of ‘Return’ is comprised of the idea of ‘Samsara’ from ‘Buddhism’ in which life is revolving over and over again under the cause and effect like a wheel, and that is why the first half and the latter half of the song have similar shape. In addition, it reflects a character of Korean traditional music that refrains from using colourful chord progression and melody commonly; based on repetition and static movement, it pursues rhythm variation on music. Following this characteristics, it is being used as simple chord progression and spilt Jajinmori[2]rhythm in detail. Climax part, where the tension built up by using delayed effect and feddback, says that karma is not easy and simple, although life is continuously circulating.


- Instrumental version (Left one) used for the performance.

- Guide version was made for instruments players by using virtual instruments.

Psyche - Performance Practice (2013)

Composition | Arrangement | Editing | Performance | Sound Design

This is a performance practice video using Ableton Live for ‘Psyche-Psycho’ performed in Project:N.O.W.This production emphasise blending the two contrasting rhythms well; Korean rhythm and the existing popular rhythms from Western music. Drummer ‘Wonyoung Kang’ and guitarist ‘Bumkyu Hong’ collaborated on this production[3].

Drumming based on Utmori[2] rhythm and used mainly by tension makes the song further to be unique. Moreover, the following unison section, which shows cool and powerful sound by playing electric guitar and super-saw synth, resolves the anxiety from previous part.


-Instrument software were used on this video, but in the performance, real instruments such as Drums, Guitar, Kkwaenggwari, Janggu, Haegum[4](on this video, Chinese Fiddle was played instead of this) were used.

Worked on Logic Pro 9 & Ableton live 9

JSTDNC - Avion (HAN Edit) (2014)

Arrangement | Editing 

Worked on Logic Pro 9

Breast Bunny (2011)

Composition | Arrangement | Editing

Worked on Cubase 5

Breast Bunny, which was a KIAFF 2011 entry, is criticizing lookism. My position on this work was a music director.In compliance with childish concept, such as drawing style and animals’ languages[6], main theme is composed of simple chord progression and melody, but I was given to put a huge effect reaching to reverse point that was dealt with modulation by separating major progression and minor arrangement from the same progression. This work was awarded Jury Prize and I’ve got many positive feedbacks from audience, yet I was inconvenienced by not having efficient time to be capable of improving its sound balance.

Post Production Assistant works (2008)

Composition | Arrangement | Editing | Recording | Sound Design

Worked on Cubase SX3

These are my first published works since I have started to use DAW system. I tried to put appropriate music for those video and this effort gave me to visualize and materialize music efficiently.

Nord lead 2 was used to make characters’ voice and sound effects for funny concept video(left).

[2] Used Korean rhythms in Project: N.O.W and Project: SoMac







[3] They helped to develop basic idea. For example, Kang gave me an advice on how to play divided Utmori rhythm with drums.

[4] Used Korean instruments in Project: N.O.W and Project: SoMac

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[5] Korean traditional music has three parts; it begins slow, rapidly increases in tempo, and then slows again at the end. Similarly, Salpuri contains three stages beginning with orunum hyong, meaning the controlled relaxation of tension, and ending with poo-num hyong, meaning the release of emotion to completely resolve tension.

[6] Rabbit say ‘Rabbit, rabbit’, Cat say ‘Cat, cat’ in Korean and the masculine rabbit say ‘Macho, macho’ which means tough guy in Spanish.